92 in 92

92 in 92

Monday, 14 October 2013

What do we do when we get to the ground??

This one is tricky for the following reasons:

  • We will be extremely pushed for time.  One of the days racks up almost 25 grounds so time is of the essence.
  • We may well be climbing kerbs and on double-yellows to avoid extortionate parking costs
  • We have very little idea what time we will get to which ground -we do have a rough plan but we'll be fighting matchday and bank holiday traffic.
  • Apparently they don't like you to taking photos at certain stadiums (Stamford Bridge), c'mon fellas it's for charity!

Ideas so far....

  • Quick appalling Gareth Bale style kick-about? Most of us are more gifted than old Monkey Boy in this area but we don't have time to enjoy ourselves.
  • Most definitely posing in front of the stadium sign with flags, t-shirts on and big cheesy grins/tired eyes
  • A pie at each ground? hmm maybe not.
  • A pint at each ground? see above.
  • Meet and greet with a club legend? Maybe, that would be good but not sure of the timings
  • Talk to the locals?  Are you kidding, did I not mention we're going to Millwall?!
  • Learn and perform a chant from each club, we'll get back to you on that one!
  • A friend from work suggested booting a ball into every stadium!  Is that littering?
  • Your suggestions are welcome.......

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