92 in 92

92 in 92

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The car - introducing Kelly The Kia

What chariot will take us to glory on this hair-brained venture?

Diesel fuelled Transporter or spacious estate with hard-wearing tyres?


It's this.....

It's very clean you might think!  Well this was taken on the day I bought it in 2010.  It has been washed and cleaned at least twice since then.

Vital Statistics

Litre: 1.4
Petrol: Unleaded
Year: 2010
Mileage: 21000 (2700 to be added on this trip!)
Handling: Not bad
Tyres: Budget
Stereo: CD, USB doesn't work
Other important features: No central locking or elec windows, no air-con, smells a bit

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