92 in 92

92 in 92

Monday, 14 October 2013

The Team

'92 in 92' Team

Mike Harley (Lead Driver and CD selector)

  • Failed 4 driving tests and crashed 2 cars. 
  • Now has laser improved eyesight, no longer fears driving in unfamiliar areas
  • Tendency to sing and drum at the wheel
  • Extremely aggressive driving style and potty mouth road rage
  • Knows NOTHING about cars or basic car maintenance
  • As a Man UTD fan is not looking forward to visiting The Etihad, Anfield or Elland Road

Cat Harley (Chief Navigator and Photographer)

  • Has Sat Nav on her phone and unlimited data usage
  • In charge of feeding Mike when he's driving
  • Supports Yeovil Town, who don't technically have any rivals!
  • Falls asleep a lot when in the car (although not at the wheel)
  • Struggles to reach the pedals and release the handbrake
  • Is well proud of her new camera and not afraid to use it (a lot)

Dr Mike Ward (2nd Driver and Team Sociologist)

  • Only drives old bangers
  • Knows NOTHING about cars or basic car maintenance
  • Only listens to Bruce Springsteen whilst in a car
  • Proud Welshman, supports Cardiff City and a one time West Ham Utd follower
  • Had a fair few accidents and scrapes down the years
  • Elected team timekeeper and social media updater for the event

Raz Rizvi (Team Film Producer)

  • Angry ranter and exposer of racist behaviour (Red Raz)
  • Blinkered Arsenal fan and Spurs/Van Persie hater
  • Likes making cups of tea in shop doorways on road trips
  • Does NOT like the Little Green Cars (band)
  • Will be expected to play guitar in the back of the car
  • Has no concept of time

Now you've met the unlikely heroes, do they really have what it takes to pull it off??

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  1. so glad that you are doing this for us. So few people have even the slightest clue of how ill having m.e. makes us feel. I have been housebound for 8 years but have sent my husband down to ground (Bradford City) to meet you all.Thanks