92 in 92

92 in 92

Sunday 10 May 2015

Tour Videos!

Hi all

It just occurred to me that I hadn't yet posted the two part film we made of our event!

Here they are!

Warning there is some mild swearing and a lot of footage of football stadia, great if you love football, maybe less so if not!

Part 1

Part 2

If you enjoyed watching, it would be great if you could drop a £1 into our justgiving, thanks for your support!

Just Giving Page

Thursday 16 October 2014

Tour Video Teaser!

OK so it's taking a while to edit over 9 hrs of footage of our trip to just an hour or so, we want it to accurately reflect our experience too.

For now though here's a short clip of our fateful breakdown whilst a game was actually going on at Colchester Utd on Day 3.

What followed was a pretty stressful few hours as we tried to somehow keep the trip going with only 5 minutes remaining before the car hire shut for the weekend, 1 credit card between 4 of us and still 6 grounds and the whole of East Anglia to cover and it was only 3pm!

What's more we had to send a team member back to Bristol on a max 53 mph truck to fetch another car and he was held up at a service station for 2 hours waiting to get picked up with the task of rejoining the team at the end of the leg at Milton Keynes at 2am!

Anyway, here it is, much more to follow.....

92 in 92 Tour Vid Teaser - The Colchester Silence

Tuesday 3 June 2014

Summary of our trip in the Invest In ME Journal

Hey all

Mike wrote a 4 page article on our adventures for the recent Invest In ME conference and the journal that preceded it.

Have a look (page 18-22)
Invest In ME - Vol 8, Issue 1

Or have a look below:

Saturday 3 May 2014

Signed Middlesbrough & Plymouth Argyle pennants for auction!

Signed Pennants for auction donated to us by the clubs -season 2013/14

Plymouth Argyle FC:

Middlesbrough FC:

Please bid generously, all proceeds will go to Invest In ME (www.investinme.org) and there are no reserves on either item.


Saturday 26 April 2014

Gallery! Pics from our trip

We've pooled all our pics from the challenge and you can check us out through the links on the right-hand side or by clicking below!

Gallery - Day 1
Gallery - Day 2
Gallery - Day 3
Gallery - Day 4
Gallery - Day 5
Gallery - Day 6

Us at the grounds!!

Hi All,

Just put up pics of us with our flag at each of the 92 grounds

Click on this link: 92 Grounds

Some in daylight, some not, some near the stadium, some not!  But we got to them all!!

Media roundup!

Here's a roundup of the press we've had so far!

If you'd like to help us get press for ME, Invest In ME and the Rituximab Trial then there's a blogpost here that contains written info and pics that newspapers will be able to use:

Info for Papers and Media

facebook (www.facebook.com/92forME) and twitter (@92forME).

TV:  ITV have done a feature with us which could be used in 10 regions, so far ITV South West, ITV Anglia and ITV Westcountry have shown it: ITV feature

Radio: BBC Radio 5 Live (scroll to 1hr 46 mins) 606 Phone-In


ADLIB: Blogpost
Bristol 24/7:  Website 24-7
Bristol Post: Paper and website BP
Blackmore Vale: Paper and website BMV
Bolton News: Website BN
Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Website T&A
Burton Mail: Website BM
Bournemouth Echo: Website BE
Coventry Telegraph: Website and paper CT
Cornish Guardian: Paper and website: CG
Croydon Advertiser: Website feature
Examiner Huddersfield: Website HE
Let's Do It for ME blog: LDIFM
Mansfield Chad: Website MC
ME/CFS Australia: Website AUS
MK Citizen: Website and paper MK
Plymouth Herald: Paper and website PH PH2
Reading Post: 

Rochdale Online: Website RO
Rotherham Advertiser: Happy to feature our event
Shropshire Star: Happy to feature our event
South Trinity Mirror: Happy to feature our event
Northampton Chronicle: Happy to feature our event
Southampton Daily Echo: Happy to feature our event
The 92.net: 92
Watford: Website WFC
Western Gazette: Website and paper WG
York City: Website YC

If you know anyone who works for a local paper, radio or TV then please encourage them to get in touch with Mike (kid_a18@hotmail.com).


Team 92

Club responses so far!

Here's an update on the clubs who have offered their support to raise awareness for M.E. clinical research, Invest in ME and the Rituximab Trial.

Thanks to all who have come back so far!

Day 1 - Weds 16th April

Plymouth Argyle - Prog entry, kit 
Torquay Utd - No response
Exeter City - Pitch photo, kit
Yeovil - Pitch photo
Bristol City - No response
Bristol Rovers - Prog entry, photo
Newport County - Prog entry
Cardiff City - Prog Entry, pitch
Swansea City - Player pitch photo
Cheltenham - Poss prog entry
Oxford Utd - Prog entry
Swindon Town - Prog entry

Day 2 - Thurs 17th April

Bournemouth - Prog entry
Southampton - Prog entry
Portsmouth - Prog entry
Brighton - Prog entry, pitch
Crawley - No response
Arsenal - Prog entry, pitch
Tottenham - Prog entry, pitch
Leyton Orient - Prog entry
West Ham - Prog entry
Charlton - No response
Millwall - Prog entry
Crystal Palace - Prog entry
Wimbledon - No response
Fulham - Prog entry
Chelsea - Pitch photo
QPR - Prog entry
Brentford - No response

Day 3 - Friday 18th April

Reading - Soc Media
Wycombe - Web, pitch photo
Watford - Prog entry
Stevenage - No response
Dagenham - No response
Gillingham - No response
Southend - Poss prog entry
Colchester - Prog entry, pitch
Ipswich - Pitch photo
Norwich - Poss pitch entry
Peterborough - Prog entry
Northampton - 2 tickets
MK Dons - No support

Day 4 - Saturday 19th April

Coventry - No support
Aston Villa - Prog entry
Birmingham - No response
West Brom - Prog entry
Walsall - Prog entry
Wolves - Prog entry
Shrewsbury - No response
Crewe - Prog entry
Port Vale - Prog entry
Stoke City - No support
Burton - Prog/Web entry
Derby - Prog entry
Notts Forest - Poss prog entry
Notts County - Prog entry & web
Mansfield - No response
Chesterfield - Prog entry
Sheff Utd - No response
Sheff Weds - No response
Rotherham - Prog entry
Barnsley - Prog entry
Doncaster - No support
Scunthorpe - Prog entry, pitch
Hull City - No response

Day 5 - Sunday 20th April

York City - Pitch entry, website
Leeds Utd - No response
Bradford - No response
Huddersfield - Soc media
Rochdale - Prog entry
Oldham - Prog entry / Web
Man City - Prog entry, soc media
Man Utd - Pitch photos
Tranmere - No response
Everton - Soc media
Liverpool - Prog entry
Wigan - Prog entry
Bolton - Prog entry
Bury - Poss prog entry
Burnley - Prog entry
Accrington - No response
Blackburn - Prog entry
Preston - Prog entry
Blackpool - Prog entry
Fleetwood - Prog entry, soc media
Morecambe - Prog entry

Day 6 - Monday 21st April

Carlisle - No support
Newcastle - Prog entry
Sunderland - No response
Hartlepool - Prog entry
Middlesbrough - Prog entry, kit
Barnsley - Prog entry
Leicester - Prog entry

It's a very competitive market and we've decided to push for awareness over donations -we need to reach as many people as possible to raise the profile of this illness and the need for proper research and funding.

Programme / website entry is the best way we can do this and we'll aim to get in as many as possible!

Do you know anyone at the clubs who haven't come back yet?  Can you give them a nudge for us?!

Monday 17 February 2014




So here it is! 

Our flyer for the 92 footie grounds in 92 hours event for Invest In ME and the UK Rituximab Trial for M.E. -please feel free to distribute/share etc!!

First batch of 300+ being printed (postcard size, front and back attached here) ready to be handed out at the grounds and to the press!

Big thanks to Ian Couch yet again for being a massive help with this.

Hope you all like it!

Saturday 15 February 2014

Team Photos!

Taken on the pitch at Bristol Manor Farm FC today here are our official team photos for the flyers and press!

Friday 14 February 2014

Our Flag!

Our flag for the event!

Will be doing photos for the flyer and for a fresh push to tv, papers, radio and the remaining football clubs!

Will post team photos tomorrow hopefully!

Friday 31 January 2014

Payday Push!!

Big Payday Push!!!

Hey all, it's payday!!!!

If you'd like to support our event and help fund the Rituximab trial then maybe have one pint less tonight and visit justgiving.com/teams/strobl !! or Text 'IIME92' and £1 to 70070 to donate

1. You'll be contributing to a fantastic cause!
2. You'll feel a tiny bit less hungover tomorrow
3. Your liver will be very grateful
4. You'll get a 'shout out' on this page for your kind generosity

Already sponsored us?

Please help share our page and get us up to 500 followers by the end of the weekend!

Currently we're on £1232, would be amazing to get to £1500 by Monday!! Just a couple of quid will make all the difference.

Thanks again for all your support!

Team 92

Wednesday 29 January 2014

Appeal for press contacts!!

Another appeal for help!!

Thanks all for your help with the clubs -as you can see the responses have been trickling through nicely!

We're now appealing to anyone who has a contact for the following:

bbc regional news
itv regional news
bbc or local commercial radio
regional newspapers

any other form of press that might interview us on the day or publish on their website to raise awareness!

any contacts you know please email kid_a18@hotmail.com and info@investinme.org 

We'll be emailing and bugging all of the regional itv, bbc and sky news desks on twitter this week but always helps if you know someone there!!

Please like/share/pass about!

Thanks guys!

Team 92


Our flag is being made for photo's at the grounds! Slightly tweaked from this picture but it will look a lot like this!

Like it??