92 in 92

92 in 92

Friday, 10 January 2014

Appeal for contacts -do you know anyone who can help?

Hey folks

We've had a good chat with IiME this week and come up with some great ideas to raise awareness and hopefully sponsorship for the event.

What we are short of are contacts at some of the football clubs and magazines.

So just wanted to throw it out there; do you know anyone who works at one of the clubs we're visiting?

We've got some leads to follow up for Crystal Palace, Millwall and Norwich so far but any other shouts would be fantastic.  Afterall these clubs probably get a lot of emails/letters that they can't/won't always respond to so it would be good to grab their attention!

There's a good chance that if they are interested in helping in some way (photo opportunity, sponsorship, petrol assistance etc) then we can get them good exposure on the IiME website and from the TV and Radio interviews we will be doing.

Will be publishing a revised route with actual times of arrival at each ground.

The aim is to co-incide with some of the bigger clubs matchdays e.g. Liverpool, Man Utd, Arsenal etc to maximise publicity/get in the matchday programme.

Likewise if you work for a sports/football magazine and know someone who would be interested in giving us some coverage/spreading the word then we'd love to hear from you!

If you can think of someone it would be great if you could get in touch on twitter/fbook or email (kid_a18@hotmail.com).

cheers all, proper update for you soon

Team 92

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  1. Hi,

    Have emailed my brother in law, he is the chaplain at Barnsley FC and has raised funds for Invest in ME before by doing the Great North Run and climbing Kilimanjaro.

    Will get back to you. Cheers, Paul.