92 in 92

92 in 92

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Tour Video Teaser!

OK so it's taking a while to edit over 9 hrs of footage of our trip to just an hour or so, we want it to accurately reflect our experience too.

For now though here's a short clip of our fateful breakdown whilst a game was actually going on at Colchester Utd on Day 3.

What followed was a pretty stressful few hours as we tried to somehow keep the trip going with only 5 minutes remaining before the car hire shut for the weekend, 1 credit card between 4 of us and still 6 grounds and the whole of East Anglia to cover and it was only 3pm!

What's more we had to send a team member back to Bristol on a max 53 mph truck to fetch another car and he was held up at a service station for 2 hours waiting to get picked up with the task of rejoining the team at the end of the leg at Milton Keynes at 2am!

Anyway, here it is, much more to follow.....

92 in 92 Tour Vid Teaser - The Colchester Silence

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