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92 in 92

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Celebrities / Famous Folk who've reportedly had M.E.

Just found this list online, needless to say we'll be writing off to a fair few of them to see if they'd like to support us

Celebrities and M.E.

From time to time, celebrities are reported as having M.E., CFS or M.E.-like illnesses.
Some may not have had a clear diagnosis - often, we simply don't know.
Here is a list of recent press reports (oldest first).
Date in the press
Suzanne ShawSinger/TV personalityNov 2008She said she had two months off and was "diagnosed with CFS, a form of M.E."
Ian WoosnamGolferNov 2008Is reported to have M.E.
Rebecca AdlingtonBritish swimmerNov 2008It's claimed that she recovered from CFS which she developed after contracting glandular fever.
Anna HemmingsBritish canoeistNov 2008Reportedly diagnosed with CFS in 2003. It's said she recovered using reverse therapy.
Yvette CooperChief secretary to the treasuryOct 2008Was ill for a year when she was 25 and talks openly about the illness.
Jonathan AnsellEx-singer for G4Dec 2008He has revealed that he has suffered with M.E. since contracting glandular fever as a student.
Suzi WalkerFormer modelDec 2008Is reported to have spent £20k on "quack cures" for her M.E. but then realised all she needed to do was slow down.
David BarclayJoint owner of the Ritz hotel, Littlewoods and Daily TelegraphDec 2008David is alleged to have M.E. and finds that spending time in the fresh air of the Swiss Alps helps alleviate his condition.
Chris MarquesChoreographerDec 2008Has talked about his M.E. and says that he's been cured by the lightning process.
Jeremy PivenActorOct 2009Says "I would just fall asleep on set… I battled through but when I started on the play I completely shut down. I had CFS. Four months into the Broadway play, I ended up in hospital."
Olly FreemanTriathleteJan 2010The Guardian said he was struck down with CFS in 2009, seemingly after a stomach bug.
Andrew OldcornGolferMar 2010Reported to have had M.E. for two years.
Mandy SmithEx-Model and former wife of Rolling Stone Bill WymanApr 2010Has been plagued by illness since her early 20s, and she thinks it has been M.E.
Michael FlatleyIrish dance starJun 2010Has reportedly talked about his return to health and dancing after being struck down with CFS.
Davie ProvanFormer Scottish footballerSep 2010
Robbie WilliamsSingerNov 2010Robbie revealed he was affected by debilitating M.E.-like illness, although he said it was not as serious as M.E.
Claire GunneyKayak championNov 2010
Claire was diagnosed with CFS in 2007. In 2010 she returned to full international competition and was ranked second in the international Canoe Federation's marathon rankings. Unfortunately her CFS symptoms returned and Claire retired from competitive sport in 2012.
Darcey BussellRoyal ballet starNov 2010Developed Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome.
Lauren CuthberstonEnglish ballet dancerNov 2010
Joe SayersCricketerNov 2010Is rumoured to have been diagnosed with Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome.
Michael CrawfordStage and screen actorJan 2011Reportedly collapsed and was diagnosed with M.E. in 2005. He has since returned to work.
Laura HillenbrandAuthorJan 2011It is claimed that Laura has had M.E. for 20 years, and wrote her second book Unbroken while housebound with the illness.
Mike SkinnerSinger with "The Streets"Feb 2011Is said to have been ill with M.E. in 2009, delaying the release of his fifth album.
Stuart MurdochLead singer in the band Belle and SebastianFeb 2011It's reported that he was housebound with M.E. for eight years, time he used in songwriting.
Tim BidwellOscar nominated for short film, "Poet"Feb 2011
Kirsty StrainComedienneApr 2011Had M.E. for nine years from the age of 12. She now considers herself "in control" of her symptoms

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